CHF JPY Forex Live Chart

Live chart of Swiss Franc (CHF) versus Japanese Yen(JPY)

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CHF JPY – Swiss Franc vs Japanese Yen

The Swiss Franc and the Japanese Yen are both major currencies. These both currencies form a major pair in the forex trading, but the pair is not a commodity pair.

The Swiss Franc

The Swiss Franc is the official currency of the Liechtenstein and Switzerland.  Today the Swiss franc is the only operating franc in the European countries. The international code of the Swiss franc is the CHF. There are some businesses and advertisers that use some other symbols like “Fr” and “SFr” for the Swiss franc. The Swiss franc is also known as one of the valuable currencies of the today’s world economy. The Swiss Franc has become powerful with the large holding of gold held by the Switzerland economy. One factor that attracts to most of the investors of the Swiss franc is the stability of the CHF. The value of the Swiss Franc is already high, and it works as an advantage for gaining more investors to this currency. One can see the strong value of this currency the way it has handled the pressure of resisting to convert in the Euro. The value of the CHF is controlled by the Swiss bank, and it is strict to maintain the value of this currency. The low unemployment rate of the Switzerland with the low deficit rate has also contributed to the stability of the CHF.

The Japanese Yen

The official currency of the Japan is Japanese Yen, and the official code of this currency is JPY. This currency symbol is ¥. The Japanese Yen has been declared as the floating currency since 1973 and it is also one of the popular reserve currency of the Asian countries. The Japanese yen is a strong currency. The major exports like magnesium, gold, and silver are traded in terms of Japanese yen in Japan. This has made the Japan as one of the largest economies across the world. The Japanese Yen value is stable as it is under strict control of the Bank of Japan. It is because of the Bank of Japan that low interest is maintained on the JPY, since 1990. This has produced significant results in the government and business with the increase use of the Japanese Yen. The popularity of the Japanese Yen as a carrying currency is also boosted in the past few decades. The goal of the growing investments is also achieved by the Japanese Yen.

CHF JPY Relationship

In the forex market the CHFJPY does not make the largest pair, but still it is widely used. Both currencies Swiss Franc and Japanese Yen makes great pair with the American dollar, but when they are paired together they are considered highly correlated.

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