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USD CHF – United States Dollar vs Swiss Franc

The United States dollar and the Swiss Franc are both major currencies of the world economy. Both are often treated as safe havens in times of currency turmoil.

The United States Dollar

The dollar is the currency of many countries, but the United States dollar is strongest between all of them. The symbol $ differs the United States dollar from rest of the countries that use dollar as their official currency. The American dollar, buck, and United States dollar is one and the same thing. 100 cents made a single American dollar. This currency is a bench mark currency and it is widely used in the international transactions throughout the world. The American dollar holds the highest currency reserves around the world, and all of the important commodities like gold, oil, etc. are traded in terms of American dollar.
One amazing fact about the American dollar is that its currency reserves are outside the United States more than within the country. On introduction of the Euro it was said that it will replace the dominance of the American dollar in the market.


The Swiss Franc

The Swiss franc is the official currency of the Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The Swiss franc is the only franc, which is still issued in the European countries. The ISO code of this currency is the CHF. Some of the advertisers and businesses also use the “Fr” or “SFr” as the symbol of the Swiss franc. The Swiss franc is considered as one of the most valuable currencies present in the world today. With the large holdings of gold the Swiss economy has made it possible to make the Swiss Franc a powerful currency. One of the major appeals to the investors of the Swiss Franc is the stability of this currency. This adds more value to this currency in the eyes of investors. A low unemployment rate and low deficit rate significantly contributes to the stability of the Swiss franc. The value of the Swiss franc is controlled by the Swiss Bank, and it has official control over it. One can easily see how Switzerland resisted the pressure of not turning its currency into Euro.

USD CHF Relationship

The pair of the USDCHF is considered as one of the stable pairs. This forex trading pair tends to correlate against the EURUSD. The Swiss franc is more stable than the Euro. The economies of the Switzerland and the United States have the significant financial sector. There is a significant influence on the stability of the dollar and franc with the changes in the global financials. Sometimes this pair is considered excellent for the carry traders, but this depends upon the status of the dollar. The best time to invest in this pair is when USD starts to inflate.

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