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GoldStart is an independent site dedicated to providing unbiased advice on how to invest in gold, including gold mining companies, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), gold bullion and more.

My passion is in helping other to take control of their finances, and make their own investment decisions. I’ve always represented the smaller, more savvy investor, who struggles to get a good deal after paying the ludicrous charges that some managed funds offer. My mission, my passion, and my platform is to provide you with the independent, unbiased information to make your own decisions if you wish to invest in gold.

Invest in Gold - 1kg Gold bar

Invest in Gold – a 1kg Gold bar

On this site, I provide advice on a wide-ranging of investment classes, from stock market trackers to derivatives and precious metals in bullion form. I have my personal preferences, and I’m clear on what they are in many of my pages, but no one investment type is right for everyone so I cover the full range of options of how to invest in gold.

Gold Quick Links

  • Gold and Silver Prices – Charts for Gold and Silver, handily displayed on one page.
  • Buying Gold Bullion – The world’s oldest, safest and most stable store of wealth. What you MUST know before buying.
  • Stock Indices – Large charts for main indices inc the Daily FTSE100, FTSE250, DJIA and NASDAQ 100.
  • Gold Mining Companies – From the smallest “100-bagger” to the international majors. Get the key facts before you invest in gold or in UK gold miners.
  • Gold Mining company research – We provide our own, 100% independent research on gold mining companies to help inform your investment decisions. Our research is free and unbiased.
  • Book Reviews – Get wealthy. Stop making the same old mistakes. My favourite “must read” investment books
  • How to select an IFA – If you really want an independent financial adviser, read this first.
  • Gold News – Latest Gold news, updated daily. If something is happening in the gold community, we are there and will always aim to bring it to you before anyone else.

How it Works
Because GoldStart is aimed at the independent-minded investor one of the most important principles followed was to make the site as simple and easy to use as possible. You won’t find any fancy fonts, flashing texts or annoying pop-up adverts.

Articles contain colour-coded boxes to draw attention to important messages. Red boxes are warnings, green boxes contain positive messages, and blue boxes contain important information.

  • Red boxes warn you of common pitfalls or things to be wary of.
    This is an example of a Warning.
  • Green boxes highlight positive statements from the accompanying text.
    This is an example of a positive announcement.

Navigation is designed to be simple too. From any page you can reach each of the key areas by clicking on the top navigation bar, or click the GoldStart banner at the top of the page to return to the homepage.

At the top of each page you will also see a thin bar showing which section of the site you are in. A simple navigation aid called “breadcrumbs” allows you to see the path you took to get to this page.

Our Independence
We are 100% independent. No mining companies are affiliated to us. We do not accept payment in any kind for favourable reviews, and I personally maintain a distance from the companies themselves. When you read research or news here you can be confident that it is provided to you without bias or influence. Similarly, I don’t expect you to take it as any more than my views on the company. If you choose to invest in any company I urge you to do your own research in addition to mine. Ask for the annual reports, read the news and if you can, try to speak directly with the chairman. There are some huge profits to be made in this business, and if you avoid the turkeys and select the right UK gold miners you can make some quite exceptional returns.

This site relies on a small amount of advertising to pay the costs of maintenance and hosting. However we are fully objective and make sure that advertising is clearly distinguished from information services. This site is not-for-profit so all revenue is ploughed back into improving the site. Please consider using our advertisers so that site can remain independent.


Goldbug Mike

p.s.  If you need to contact me directly please use the comment form below.

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